Clemson Takes Down No.22 UNC for 3rd Straight Win

November 21, 2023

Cade Klubnik

In a thrilling showdown, Clemson emerged victorious over North Carolina with a 31-20 win on Saturday night. The Tigers showcased an exceptional defense and capitalized on turnovers to secure the victory.

Clemson quarterback Cade Klubnik contributed to the team's victory with 219 passing yards and a 3-yard touchdown pass to tight end Jake Briningstool. Klubnik also rushed for 44 yards, including a crucial 1-yard stretch touchdown just before halftime, giving Clemson the lead. Despite a strong start, North Carolina struggled to respond against Clemson's formidable defense. 

The atmosphere at the game was electric, with Clemson fans, mostly students, rushing onto the field twice before the final seconds ticked off. Although the celebrations drew an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, it did not dampen the team's spirit. Clemson closed out their final home game of the season with a clock-running victory.

"We're playing our best football, and it's fun to watch," Clemson coach Dabo Swinney remarked, highlighting the team's remarkable performance.

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