Cade Klubnik Proud of Clemson's Finish to go 4-0 in November

December 04, 2023

Athlete Studio

As the final whistle blew, the Clemson Tigers reveled in their hard-fought victory over the South Carolina Gamecocks. The triumph was not only a redemption for last season's heartbreaking loss but also a testament to the unwavering spirit of the team. Quarterback Klubnik's words echoed through the stadium, "Just super proud of the way our offensive line played, our running backs played. Had a couple opportunities to kind of get moving myself and it was just really good."

Reflecting on the season, it was evident that the Notre Dame game marked a turning point for the Tigers. It was a game that ignited their winning streak, propelling them to newfound glory. While October posed its challenges with a 1-2 record, the Tigers roared back in November, finishing the regular season on a four-game win streak and remaining undefeated throughout the month.

Klubnik, with a sense of satisfaction, emphasized, "At the end of the day, a win's a win, and it's just, that's a big win for us. 4-0 in November and I'm just so proud of this team, the way we finished and it's a great win."

On the field, Clemson displayed their dominance, amassing an impressive 219 rushing yards. This marked their sixth game with over 200 rushing yards, showcasing their relentless pursuit of victory. Junior running back Phil Mafah led the charge with 89 yards, closely followed by his fellow junior counterpart, Will Shipley, who secured 80 yards. Klubnik himself contributed 52 yards, achieving his highest rushing total of the season. Clearly, the quarterback's dedication to improving his rushing skills paid off, with Klubnik stating, "I feel like that's kind of just something, you just kind of build throughout the season. I feel like whenever opportunities have come, (I) kind of take advantage of those."

Graduate Jonathan Weitz shined brightly during his final regular season game. Against the Gamecocks, Weitz displayed remarkable precision, nailing all three field goals, with each surpassing the 40-yard mark. His longest successful attempt stretched an impressive 50 yards. Klubnik expressed his immense pride in Weitz, stating, "So proud of him. He shared something really special on Monday (in) one of our senior leadership meetings. I'm just really proud of him, just a guy that's had a roller-coaster career, literally, and to come back and do that against this team, just so proud of him. I'm so happy for him."

With this resounding victory, the Tigers thwarted South Carolina's hopes of becoming bowl-eligible, limiting them to just five wins for the season. The triumph served as redemption for last year's defeat, where the Gamecocks threatened to shatter Clemson's playoff dreams. While fans fixated on this rivalry, Klubnik emphasized the team's unwavering focus, asserting, "We are just focused on us."

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