Cade Klubnik Impressed with Offense's Ability to "Bounce Back"

August 24, 2023

Athlete Studio

Cade Klubnik is set to make his mark as Clemson's starting quarterback in the upcoming season. With a full offseason dedicated to preparing for this role, Klubnik has high expectations heading into the year. As the new offense coordinator Garrett Riley implements his system, Klubnik sees this as an opportunity to showcase his skills and thrive.

Recently, Klubnik took the time to sit down with the media and share his insights on the team's progress. He highlighted the resilience displayed by the offense in their two scrimmages, particularly in their ability to overcome early setbacks.

"The way that we bounced back in the first one," Klubnik stated. "We had a little bit of a rocky start the first two drives and the way we bounce back, I mean it was the first two drives, a little rocky, and then it was like the rest of the day we just dominated... not necessarily dominated but you know, our defense obviously did great but just the way that we didn't let two bad drives carry on through the rest of the scrimmage or another game you know what I mean?"

It is evident that Klubnik values the team's ability to quickly regroup and refocus after a rough start. This resilience is a key component of their success as they move forward in the season.

"So the way that we just 'Alright, we messed up a little bit. Let's bounce back and let's just go play.' like it's, we really just kind of brushed off what happened and just went and played, and then the third drive, you know, we put like a 75-yard drive together. And then two minutes, we won that, and things just bounce back, and that was just really good to see in our offense."

In the fast-paced offense led by Garrett Riley, turnovers and three-and-outs are bound to happen. However, Klubnik emphasizes the importance of not allowing these mistakes to pile up and hinder their progress. The ability to quickly recover and continue performing at a high level is crucial for the team's success.

As the starting quarterback for Clemson, Cade Klubnik understands the significance of his role. With the support of his teammates and the guidance of Coach Riley, Klubnik is confident that they are on the right track.

"According to Clemson's QB1, the Tigers are in good shape," he affirmed.

With Cade Klubnik at the helm, Clemson's offense is poised to make a statement in the upcoming season. As fans eagerly await their next game, the team's resilience and determination serve as a source of inspiration and excitement.

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