Cade Klubnik Getting the Most Out of His Bye Week

October 11, 2023

Athlete Studio

Cade Klubnik, the talented quarterback of the Clemson Tigers, understands the importance of taking a break from the game he loves. As much as he enjoys being on the field, Klubnik recognizes the value of a bye week and how it can benefit both him and his teammates.

“It’s definitely very necessary,” Klubnik said. “There’s a reason that they do it and every team has a bye week just for the physical aspect of getting to kind of reset. Football is a very physical game, so even if you’re not injured or have an injury, your body’s still getting beat up."

“Even at the end of fall camp, your body’s hurting just because you’ve gone 20 days straight and then you just go right into the season. You take a lot of hits and stuff like that. My body feels really good right now. Thankfully, super thankful to not have any injuries, but it’s also just a time to kind of rest the arm and kind of get everything just kind of flushed out and reset.” Klubnik added, reflecting on the demanding nature of the sport.

With Clemson's offensive line providing excellent protection, Klubnik has been able to fully capitalize on his team's efforts. The Tigers have allowed only nine sacks in five games, ranking among the top 40 teams in the nation in this category.

Klubnik's impressive statistics speak for themselves. He has accumulated 1,370 passing yards and thrown 11 touchdowns this season, completing an impressive 65.2% of his passes. Equally remarkable, he has only thrown two interceptions so far. Despite feeling physically okay, Klubnik understands the significance of a bye week for his mental well-being.

“Also, the mental aspect,” Klubnik said, “maybe take a day or two and not think about football for a day. In the position that we’re in, we’re truly seven days a week — 24/7. I’m up here for six to seven hours on our day off on Sunday.

“There’s not a day that I haven’t gone since we started all camp that I haven’t been either up here or thinking about football, so it’ll definitely be nice to take a day or two this weekend and kind of reset and get ready for the second half of the season.”

Looking ahead, Klubnik and his team are aware of the challenges that await them. On October 21, the Clemson Tigers will go head-to-head against the No. 25 ranked Miami Hurricanes. This will be Clemson's first encounter with a ranked opponent since their thrilling overtime loss to Florida State.

As Klubnik and his teammates utilize this bye week to recharge physically and mentally, they understand the importance of maintaining their focus and preparing for the tough battles ahead. The Clemson Tigers are determined to come back stronger, ready to face the Miami Hurricanes and continue their pursuit of victory.

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