Cade Klubnik Excited for Clemson Offense

April 11, 2024

Athlete Studio

After the 2024 Orange & White Spring Game at Memorial Stadium on Saturday, the media caught up with some of the game's key players to get their insights.

Leading the Orange team to victory was quarterback Cade Klubnik, who contributed significantly. Klubnik completed 13 of 26 passes for 158 yards, recording no touchdowns and one interception.

Reflecting on his return to game action since December, Klubnik expressed his excitement, saying, “Yeah, I am obviously super excited, it is year three already, kind of crazy, but I think we have had a really good spring offensively. Just taking what we learned last year and kind of put in play this off season, so it has been really good.”

Every offseason brings speculation about Klubnik's progress. Regarding this, he remarked, “I think schematically just taking what I have learned from last year’s offense, and you know it is kind of fun to run the same offense again so that has been fun and just take what I learned throughout the season.”

Assessing the offensive performance in the spring game, Klubnik praised the team's efforts, particularly highlighting the running game and the offensive line's protection. He stated, “I thought we ran the ball really well, I thought the offensive line had a heck of a day they protected really well in the pass pro and you know … I think Jarvis [Green] and [Peyton] Streko both had a really good day."

Despite the absence of explosive plays, Klubnik emphasized the importance of the team's cohesion and execution during spring ball, stating, “Obviously, we had some good opportunities to get the ball down the field. The one with Adam and a few other ones, so I think that we will just continue to get the ball downfield. But I thought we did a really good job just playing catch… you know that is the point of spring ball.”

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