Cade Klubnik Earning Teammates' Trust

August 25, 2023

Athlete Studio

If there was anyone who had doubts about playing with Cade Klubnik, it would have been Beaux Collins. The Clemson wide receiver had previously played alongside former Tigers' quarterback D.J. Uiagalelei for four years, both in high school and at Clemson. However, since Uiagalelei's transfer to Oregon State, Klubnik has emerged as the team's new starting quarterback.

Collins, initially unsure about Klubnik, soon found himself developing a strong friendship with the talented quarterback. "It has been second to none," Collins said. "We worked out a lot this summer and put in the work during off-hours."

Klubnik's efforts to build strong relationships extend beyond Collins. He has gone out of his way to connect with his offensive linemen and backfield teammates. Recently, Klubnik surprised the entire offensive line by renting a party van and treating them to a night out in Greenville, S.C. Left guard Marcus Tate expressed his admiration, stating, "He took his time to do that for us. It really shows his respect for us, and it is going to make me play harder for him."

Under the guidance of new offensive coordinator Garrett Riley, Klubnik has taken charge of the offense. He practices relentlessly with his wide receivers, studies film diligently, and most importantly, brings his teammates along on this journey. Collins recognized Klubnik's dedication, saying, "He has taken the next step for sure. He wants it bad, not just for himself, but for all of us. He is a hard worker, a go-getter."

Running back Phil Mafah praised Klubnik's leadership qualities, highlighting his competitiveness and ability to motivate the offense. 

Klubnik's previous experiences have shaped him into a poised and experienced leader. From his impressive performance in last year's ACC Championship Game, where he led the Tigers to victory as the backup quarterback, to his contributions in the Orange Bowl, Klubnik has proven his abilities and resilience. Reflecting on his journey, Klubnik shared, "I have gotten the taste of wins, the taste of losses. That is a good feeling because I know I will come into this year with experience. I have stepped up as a leader, pushing my teammates to new heights."

As Clemson enters the new season, the impact of Cade Klubnik's leadership is undeniable. With his dedication, talent, and ability to inspire those around him, Klubnik is poised to lead the Tigers to new heights.

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