Cade Klubnik Demonstrates Great Composure in Week 4

September 26, 2023

Athlete Studio

When the 2023 season began, Klubnik's performance on the field left much to be desired. However, in the latest game, he displayed a remarkable transformation that caught everyone's attention. With quick reads, smart decision-making, and the ability to stand strong under pressure, Klubnik showcased a level of play that was exceptional, but likely didn't get the attention it deserved since they ended up coming up short.

Confidence and preparation were the key factors behind Klubnik's outstanding performance, as he revealed during his Monday availability. “I felt confident going into it and I think just the game-plan that we had and the style of defense that  they ran. Obviously, I feel confident going into every game. I don’t think you can go into a game not feeling confident because there’s not a lot of good that’s going to come out of that,” Klubnik said.

This newfound confidence translated into Klubnik's best showing of the year so far. At one point in the game, he completed an impressive streak of 10 consecutive passes, displaying an almost unconscious flow state. Interestingly, Klubnik himself was unaware of this feat, highlighting his focus on the game and the team's overall performance.

Despite Clemson's current 2-2 record, Klubnik remains undeterred, firmly believing in the team's potential. "We're rolling, we're playing great," he affirmed. Offense is playing great. I mean, we really are. We’re three plays away from being 4-0 this year if you really take a step back and look at it…I felt in a groove and I think we all kind of did. We felt great playing the whole game until the very end so just got to find a way to finish,” Klubnik said.

Klubnik's partnership with Garrett Riley's offense is slowly finding its identity. With Klubnik at the helm, the Tigers are poised to make a comeback. Of course, the team will need some assistance from other conference contenders, but Klubnik is ready to carry his share of the load.

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