Cade Klubnik Believes Clemson Can Go Undefeated in '24

March 07, 2024

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When it comes to Clemson's quarterback, Cade Klubnik is a name that resonates with unwavering faith and confidence. With his second full season as Clemson's leading man on the horizon, Klubnik isn't just aiming for touchdowns, he's setting his sights on clinching a national championship. As a rising junior, Klubnik has been upfront about his lofty ambitions. He's not just hoping to lead his team to victory, he's convinced he can lead them to the national championship during his time at Clemson. This Monday, while engaging with the media, Klubnik reaffirmed his belief in his team's potential to clinch the title.

With the College Football Playoff expanding to include 12 teams from the next season, the road to the championship has opened up. This means that the Tigers could still make it to the playoff, even with a couple of losses, opening up their chances to win it all. However, Klubnik isn't giving any thought to losing games. He's all-in on the Tigers, convinced that the 2024 team has what it takes to dominate the season with a flawless record. "Our goal is to go undefeated, and I fully, fully believe that this is the team that can do it," Klubnik confidently stated. He also specified that the Tigers can achieve this ambitious goal if he continues to improve and the team remains focused.

Klubnik's performance in the previous season was impressive. With a completion rate of 63.9% and 2,844 yards to his name, he scored 19 touchdowns with nine interceptions. He led the Clemson team to end the season on a high note, with a five-game winning streak to finish 9-4 (4-4 ACC). The Tigers are eager to return to the playoff, an arena they haven't seen since 2020. They had an impressive playoff run from 2015-20, winning two national championships during that period. Their 2024 campaign will open on Aug. 31, in Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium against Georgia, who themselves have clinched back-to-back national titles.

The Tigers are set to face the Bulldogs, their regional rivals, in a thrilling matchup. The two teams, accounting for four of the last eight national championships, will present a riveting game. A win against the Bulldogs would be the Tigers first since 2013. With Klubnik at the helm, this could be an exciting season.

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