Cade Klubnik Being Mentored by Clemson Legend

September 05, 2023

Athlete Studio

As Clemson wraps up week 1 of this season, sophomore quarterback Cade Klubnik has found an invaluable resource in his mentor, Tajh Boyd. While Klubnik already benefits from the guidance of new offensive coordinator Garrett Riley, Boyd's experience and wisdom have proven to be instrumental in shaping Klubnik's development.

Boyd, a former Clemson quarterback who played from 2010-2013, boasts an impressive collegiate career. Holding various school records, including career completions, passing yards, and passing touchdowns, Boyd's success on the field has made him a respected figure within the Clemson football community. Currently serving as an offensive player development assistant on coach Dabo Swinney's staff, Boyd's presence has become a steady source of support for the players.

Riley acknowledges Boyd's unique qualities, stating, "He has such a unique presence about him. He's a steady guy for our players. Obviously, knowing his history, having been through it himself and all the different experiences and situations he's had, he's certainly a good person for players to just have that presence."

Klubnik, like Boyd, faced disappointment in his first year playing for Clemson. In his debut as a starting quarterback at the Orange Bowl, Klubnik experienced a disheartening loss, failing to secure any passing touchdowns and throwing two interceptions against Tennessee. Similarly, Boyd's first taste of bowl action came in relief, with an underwhelming performance in the Meineke Car Care Bowl loss to South Florida in 2010.

Despite these setbacks, Klubnik is determined to bounce back and make a statement in the upcoming season. Displaying admiration for Boyd, Klubnik states, "Tajh is probably one of the best people I know at building somebody's confidence up and encouraging somebody. It's huge for us because he's been through everything that we could possibly go through ... I'm so appreciative of him and the mentor that he is to me."

As he steps onto the field, he carries with him the invaluable support and guidance of both Garrett Riley and Tajh Boyd. With their combined expertise and mentorship, Klubnik is poised to make a significant impact and lead Clemson to new heights.

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